Briefly about CNEF

The Cross-National Equivalent File, or CNEF, is a project that was originally started by Dr. Richard Burkhauser during his time at Cornell University. Together with Dr. Dean Lillard, as well as many other researchers, the project has continued to develop and expand, relocating to The Ohio State University with Dr. Lillard who is the current Primary Investigator of the project.

The CNEF files have been a decades long project that wouldn't have been possible without the support, dedication, and hard work of all of our partners across the globe. Their support to this day is a fundamental part of our expansion and maintenance of this project.

Our cross-national data are designed to allow researchers of any level to access panel data for whatever analysis they so choose. Simplified versions of the panel data are available to researchers not experienced with this kind of work while experienced researchers can access guidelines for the formulation of equivalent variables across any number of countries they desire. Most importantly, the equivalent file provides a set of constructed variables that are derived from and not directly available on the original surveys. Since the Cross-National Equivalent file can be merged with the original surveys, PSID-CNEF users can easily incorporated these constructed variables into their already existing analyses.

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