Donate to CNEF


Go to, where you will be prompted to choose the amount of your donation and the fund where the money will be deposited.

By default, your donation is designated to the 'The Ohio State Fund' which is Ohio State's general donation platform.


In order to specifically donate to CNEF, you must click on the "Search" option on the right hand side of the screen and search 314978 as the "Area to Support".

After you click the "Search" function, a pop-up window will appear, prompting you to confirm your selection.


Once you have selected the CNEF Fund as your designated fund, you will see the following image below asking about 'My gift details'. Click "Add this gift to your giving list" to continue with donation process.


After going to your gift list, it will require you to fill out your personal information.


Once your personal information is filled out, the last step is to fill out your financial information.

Interested in our data?
Fill out the application to access the CNEF data. Our team will reach out soon. In the meantime, take a look at the "Partner Policies" page. A little legwork goes a long way.
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