Data Transparency Project

December 2, 2020

Dear colleagues,

Recently, we've taken up a subproject focused on 'data transparency' surrounding the country-specific variables that make up some of our harmonized data. Due to the fact that many of our harmonized data we report are built via numerous constituent variables that vary from country to country, it is not always the most clear as to what specific data went into this variable. In order to combat this somewhat, the codebooks already provide algorithms for how harmonized data are calculated, but its not as explicit as we feel it could be.

Thus, in order to be as explicit as possible when it comes to stating how our harmonized data are constructed, we have created a new page called 'Data Transparency' under the 'Documentation' section which directly links to each country's specific variables used in making each harmonized data point on a year by year basis. Currently, only the PSID and BHPS files have undergone this process though we are optimistic our other partners will be interested in us continuing this project with their datasets as well.

As always, we're here to answer any questions and would be interested in hearing from you if you are one of the countries whose data we've not presented in this format yet.


- CNEF Team

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